Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher for the Crook County School District! Since there are only 149 days of school each year, we want to ensure that every day our students are in the classroom, they receive a high-quality education. Therefore we strive to make sure our substitute teachers have all the necessary tools to be successful.

There are a number of requirements from the state of Wyoming for someone to receive their substitute permit. While it may seem a bit overwhelming, we are happy to walk you through the process to help make sure you have everything you need.

If you would like to serve as a substitute paraprofessional, office staff, lunch staff, bus diver, or custodian,

please call Sherri Moeller at 307.283.2299 for more information.

Your To-Do List

(Don't worry we will explain more later)

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Get fingerprinted

Take the substitute orientation class

Fill out an employment application

Class observations

Take some online classes

Complete the WY US Constitution Exams

Fill out the PTSB application

Attend an in-person training

Get Fingerprinted

You can come to the Central office to be fingerprinted or to a law enforcement agency. Fingerprint cards are available at any of the schools to take with you to a law enforcement agency. Two fingerprint cards must be given to the Central office, and two cards will go to the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) with your application. If you want to be fingerprinted at the Central Office in Sundance, please call 307.283.2299 to schedule an appointment.

Take The Substitute Orientation Class

Throughout the year, we offer an in-person class where one of our administrators will give you practical advice on how to work in a classroom. This class lasts about two hours and will give you a great idea about what it is like to do this job. Please fill out this short form if you want to be notified about the next class. You can take this class anytime before you start substitute teaching, so go ahead with the following steps while you wait.

Fill Out An Employee Application

Everyone who wants to substitute at CCSD#1 must fill out an employee application. You can download the application here. After completing it, please drop it off at the Central Office or any of our schools. We will also need a copy of your driver's license and social security card.

Class Observations

Please call the school of your choice in Crook County and schedule a time to observe ½ day in the elementary and ½ in the high school. If you only want to substitute with one grade level, you must still observe at the elementary and high schools.

What Every Employee Should Know

Please take a look at this short staff training PowerPoint by clicking here. After you have viewed the entire presentation, please fill out this google form.

Take Some Online Classes (Depending on...)

I have an associates degree, bachelor's degree, or 60+ hours from

an accredited college:

  • Take the Ethics For Educators class through Frontline*.
  • Take the Blood Borne Pathogens class on Frontline.

I DO NOT have an associate's degree:

  • Complete 24 hours of online classes through Frontline*, including Substitute Teaching 1-3
  • Take the Ethics for Educators class on Frontline
  • Take the Blood Borne Pathogen class on Frontline

*Frontline is an online platform we use for our classes. When you are ready to start taking classes, please check out these directions and email Matthew Wolfskill at to register.

Complete the PTSB Application

Once you have completed the previous steps, you must apply for a sub permit from PTSB. You can find instructions to do that and the application on their website.

Please note:

  • If you have an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or 60+ hours from an accredited college, you must submit your college transcript to PTSB.
  • You'll need to email your completed application to
  • After you have emailed your application, you must mail two fingerprint cards to PTSB.
  • PTSB will send you an email invoice to pay your application fee.
  • If you did not take a Wyoming or US constitution class in college, you would have to take an online exam. (Don't worry, it isn't difficult). The exam can be found on the PTSB website.
  • Applications will take 4-8 weeks to process.
  • PTSB will reach out to you once your application is complete.

You're Almost There...

After completing the above steps, you can contact Sherri Moeller, our Human Resources Manager, at or by calling 307.283.2299. She will help you get set up to start substitute teaching and answer any questions you might have.

Brush Line

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it pay?

Our substitute teachers make $125 per day.

What costs will I incur?

There is a $45 fee to get your background check completed for the district. This will be reimbursed after you start substituting. PTSB charges $125 to receive your permit (this is not refunded).

Where can I substitute teach?

You can substitute teach in any of our schools once you have your permit. If you ever move to another part of Wyoming, you will still have your sub permit for other school districts.

How do I get substitute jobs?

We use an online program called ReadySub to notify you by email or text whenever a job becomes available.

What if I want to substitute for custodians, lunch staff, bus drivers, or paraprofessionals?

To substitute for those positions, you DO NOT need a sub permit from PTSB. If you need to find out what is required, please call Central Office at 307.283.2299 or email Sherri Moeller at

I have more questions. What do I do?

We would love to answer your questions! Please feel free to call us at 307.283.2299 or email us at